The changing face of the artist….

Twitter / RHIONRECORDS: デアデビ到着!隣で水野しず嬢がフリマをやると聞いてはいたが。。。凄い!
keithakeith I eyed it for a while but I don’t think I’m a Medium in Junya, it’s a shamenameloss I’m only seeing two?  Is this just the mobile version fucking wit me? ($330 is too $$$$$$ )


"when you look into the void the void is like, haha nerd, what are your future prospects? thats right none" - nietzsche

why not those needles rebuild flannels?

Not really into them.  Too much color/too much going on in general

recommend me some nice shirting I haven’t bought something in too long.

I was thinking stuff along the lines of:

-Attachment/RG wrinkled flannels
-Buffalo Check anything (n(n) rayon ones look nice)
-Stuff w/ nice texture (like OL raw silk)
-Earthy stuff/ nice dyes or treatments