In other news, I’m looking for your geekiest recommendation for a tech pant 

Preferably a cargo w/ futuristic pockets or smth, roomy BAGGY in the seat/thigh (pref. drop crotch if in a structured fabric) tapering drastically below the knee and cropped…

Have considered the convert pant but it’s $650 and would definitely not look good on my already-big thighs and short legs lol

Other things I’ve considered:
-Rick Owens Citroen (Don’t wanna swaggerjack Alex/no M-L)
-Rick Owens tech-combo sweatpant (if u got leads hmu)
-White Mountaineering (not quite the cut I’m looking for)
-CCP x Softs (MAYBE, but straight cut doesn’t thrill me/too normal)
-Acronym (price is large deterrent.  Too understated)
-Veilance (was excited for Apparat but only seems to fit tall ppl)

C’mon Maharishi don’t do this to me, cutting your calves so fucking thin like that.
Pants woulda been absolutely perfect if they were roomier in the knee-lower leg…


*checks self out in every possible reflective surface*

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Attachment / Our Legacy / Outlier / Rick Owens / Acronym
peasantjawnz replied to your photo
do you know where to find one of these?

Pray to the ebay Gods haha
I think I’ve only ever seen one of these pieces for sale.

really want this jumper actually l o l